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The members of LaTEC (Laboratory of Thermo-fluid dynamics, Energy, and HVAC systems) belonging to the Department for Technologies at the University of Napoli “Parthenope” have international scientific experience in the fields of computational thermo-fluid dynamics, finite elements, heat and fluid flow through porous media, fuel cells, geothermal energy conversion and renewable energy sources.

The main research activities carried out by the members of LaTEC can be summarized as follows:

  • Analysis of geothermal energy systems;
  • Geothermal down-hole heat exchangers modeling;
  • Energy piles modeling;
  • Development of FEM based algorithms for the solution of thermo-fluid dynamics problems;
  • Modeling heat and mass transfer through saturated porous media;
  • Modeling fluid - porous medium interface problems;
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells modeling;
  • Experimental activity on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells;
  • Combustion chamber of incinerator plants modeling;
  • Human upper airway modeling;
  • Modeling of electronic components cooling;
  • Optimization of heat transfer systems and energy conversion systems.

More information on people, research activities, national/international collaborations and other initiatives of the members of LaTEC are available at http://www.latec.altervista.org/.



The Applied High-Performance Scientific Computing Research Laboratory belogs to  "Department of Applied Science" (DAS) - University of Napoli "Parthenope" - Italy.
His mission is:
  • to develop multidisciplinary computational science investigations using cutting edge numerical methods, innovative data analysis algorithms, advanced low-cost high performance computing platforms;
  • to enable distributed collaborative and virtual environments by developing system software technologies and tools.
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The Computer Vision and and Pattern Recognition group is a part of the Department of Applied Science at University of Naples "Parthenope" (DAS).

The research envisaged covers a broad spectrum of issues related to:

  • Pattern Recognition: the interest is mainly in investigating neural networks, bayesian and kernel methods both in methodological issues, e.g. learning and model selection, and applicative issues, as shape classification, event detection and classification and clustering, tracking, and video surveillance.
  • Multimedia: the research is focused on image analysis and understanding aspects, which are at the basis of all advanced processing of multimedia data.
  • 3D Computer Vision: the research covers aspects related to model acquisition, starting from 3D information acquired by optical cameras, investigating view synthesis aspects, mosaicing, and methods for improving computational 3D object recognition, like face in biometry.

Detailed research activities and publications are at link http://cvprlab.uniparthenope.it


Topography and Photogrammetry Laboratory is a reasearch laboratory of Applied Science Department at University of Naples "Parthenope" (DAS) - Italy,section of Geodesy, Topography and Hydrography, in which is carrying out educational activities and researchs about:

  • production of semantic and metric data from digital images acquired by sensors like frame and linear sensors;
  • the ground-air and terrestrial laser scanning aimed at building 3D models of terrain and objects at different scales.

The main application fields concern to the generation of DTMs from satellite images, classification and change detection, terrestrial photogrammetry for architecture, industrial applications, 3D models of objects for the cultural heritage, calibration of digital cameras. In the laboratory, some softwares for the automatic classification of aerial laser scanning data have been developed.

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Laboratory of Electromagnetism

Laboratory of Electromagnetism belongs to  Department for Technologies (DfT) at Engineering Faculty of University of Naples ”Parthenope”. Its research activities have been engaged in various research areas of 'Telecommunications Engineering’ such as:

  • Evaluation of Sections radar in an anechoic chamber;
  • Assessment of radiation characteristics of antennas to be used in the experimental field application of Telecommunications Engineering;
  • Using the reverberant room as the source of stochastic electromagnetic fields;
  • Emulation and characterization of actual wireless propagation channels;
  • Verification and testing of shielding characteristics of composites.

....More detail about our publications...

laboratorio telerilevamento

The laboratory of remote sensing is a laboratory of  Department for Technologies (DfT) at Engineering Faculty of University of Naples ”Parthenope”. The researches carried out into it, cover the following topics:

  • Models electromagnetic polarimetric and single-polarization for the description of scattering from the sea surface.
  • Note hydrocarbons in the sea by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).
  • Technical polarimetric and single-polarization for the observation of vessels by SAR.
  • Wave Polarimetry and Radar.
  • Mechanism of formation of SAR images on the marine scene.
  • Estimate of the field of wind through measures scatterometers.

Here, a simulator of SAR images on the marine scene was developed, based on the model of Velocity Bunching. The simulator, is used, for educational purposes, from several universities and research centers such as: National Oceanographic Center of Southampton (NOCS), Southampton, UK; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, Sichuan 610,054 , PR China; Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. ....More about our publications...

laboratorio telecomunicazione

Laboratory of Telecommunications and signal processing and image is a a part of Department for Technologies (DfT) at Engineering Faculty of University of Naples ”Parthenope”. The research activities that take place here are within the most advanced areas of telecommunications and of signal and image:

  • Formation of Synthetic Aperture Radar images;
  • Radar systems interferometric multi-channel;
  • SAR Tomography;
  • Detection of moving objects by SAR interferometry "along-track";
  • Statistical processing of images using Markov Random Fields;
  • Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and of tomographic images using a microwave;
  • Processing and compression of images based on analysis of independent components;
  • Theory and applications of signals stationary cycle, generalized stationary cycle and spectrally correlated;
  • non-stochastic approach for analyzing signals;
  • Spectral analysis of DNA sequences;
  • Characterization and identification of time-varying channels;
  • Draft modulation formats for secure transmission (not intercepted);
  • Equalization, synchronization and channel identification for multi carrier;
  •  Channel Shortening for single-carrier systems;
  • RFID

...more about our scientific activities....

laboratorio elettronica

The Electronics Laboratory belongs to Department for Technologies (DfT) at Engineering Faculty of University of Naples ”Parthenope”.

The principal activities of the laboratory are related to the development of new devices based on optical fiber short period grids, called Bragg grids (FBG: Fiber Bragg Grids), and long term grids, called Long Period Grids (LPG) and structures bandgap photons, which are a key elements both in the optical fiber transmission and in sensing applications. The research group, furthermore, is engaged in various regional, national and European research projects concerning to:

  • Antennas Underwater Sensor Optoacustici (ACE);
  • Development of new optoelectronic devices based on photonic crystal structures ;
  • Hybrid system telecommunications, optoelectronics and sensors with integrated magnetic micro-electronic distributed for medical applications (SIAMED).
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Interdepartmental Laboratory measures

Interdepartmental Laboratory measures belongs to Department of Technologies (DfT) at Engineering Faculty of University of Naples ”Parthenope”.

The business activities are in the lines of research GMEE (Electrical and Electronic Measurement Group) and concerned to:

  • Measures for the Information Society;
  • measurement methods and measures for the characterization of components and systems.

In particular, research activities are aimed at the design, development and characterization metrology methods of innovative measures to:

  • Performance verification and diagnostics systems;
  • Performance verification and measurement of characteristic parameters of wired and wireless communications networks;
  • Modeling and characterization of digital-analog converters.